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LAST CALL - Synopsis

Comedic monologue about alcohol

It's time for the World Championships of Boozing 2014! The Finnish contestant Pete has battled stiff competition from the Irish whiskey brewers to the Polish bootleggers down to the Canadian moonshiners and drank himself victoriously into the finals! Tradition calls and its time to crown the victor.

Last Call is a black comedy that looks at how deep alcohol has sunk into the seams of society and how widespread its effects are on our daily lives. But what happens when alcohol is removed from the equation?

Monologue follows the World Championship of Boozing. The audience will see omnipotent Pundit who comments on nations permissiveness on alcohol; alcohol is not only an important part of the national psyche and economy but also a key factor to well being. How stiff would we be, if we didn't wash away our work stress on the weekend?

The audience is also thrown into the training session with Finnish contestant Pete and his father, the coach. Coach thinks back his own days as a competitor and how he saw the potential in his own son already at a young age.

The uninvited guest, Spirit of the Bottle preaches about the grim relationship we have with Him,alcohol itself. He enslaves denied and untamed desires by one kiss. Generations come, generations go. He stays with us forever.

Finally we find ourselves at the key moment of the play, competition finals. The star of the evening, Pete, steps up. Going through his training program, Pete reveals what it takes to become the Champion. He has kept the faith in his own ability to succeed, unlike so many others, who have quit competing. Pete hasn't let dreams of family life get in his way. He rather burns out than fades way. Pete picks up the vodka bottle. Its time for the last call...

Competition is over. Actor himself takes over the stage. He quit drinking a year ago and he has a story to tell.

Although the misuse of alcohol is a painful reality and a familiar subject, it hasn't been mulled over enough. The question is still relevant; what makes hundreds of thousands of Finns repeatedly wobble around in a drunken stupor. Or even in a milder state for that matter.
- Veli-Pekka Leppänen, Helsingin Sanomat 28.1.2012

The writing goes beyond mere comedy. References to Jungian depth psychology and concepts of the sacred, are used with an intelligent irony. Nietche's Dionysian sermon advances in a similar style.
- Pauli Vesakas, Savon Sanomat 27.9.2011

PRESS RELEASE (July 25.7.2014)
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Teatro Labora presents:
Last Call

A darkly comic monologue about World Championships of boozing 2014.
C cubed (main space) venue 16 Riddle's Court, Lawnmarket, EH1 2PG
19:55 (1hr)
Performances 31 June -25 August (excluding Tuesday 12th)

Welcome to the 2014 World Boozing Championships! Doesn't matter if you're a regular drinker, a pitiful alcoholic or a hypocrite teetotaler, this invitation is for you! Come and see what happens when the most popular sports event in the world hits Edinburgh.

Emerging independent theatre group Teatro Labora presents an English translation of their smash hit monologue "Last Call." A story of World Boozing Championships. The Edinburgh Fringe production has been relocated to Edinburgh. Acclaimed Finnish actor Juha Hippi transforms into six different characters including boozing championship contestant Pete and his father the Coach, as well as the Spirit of the Bottle.

Written and directed by Mikko Räty and Juha Hippi, Last Call is a darkly comic monologue looking at the affects of alcohol consumption in today's society and people's personal lives. Alcohol is an important part of the Finnish national psyche and economy and sits perfectly alongside national perceptions of Scottish drinking habits.

Winning the Finnish National Monologue Competition in 2011 Last Call comes from Hippi's own personal testament of giving up alcohol for the year 2010. After touring Finland for 3 years, Last Call was translated in English in March 2014. It was awarded Ministry of Education and Culture's From Start to Finnish grant to participate Edinburgh Fringe Festival as one of Finnish representatives.

Generations come... Generations Go... Alcohol stays with us forever!

For further information including interview requests, please contact:
Mikko Räty (producer)
+358 50 5857999

Juha Hippi (producer)
+358 50 5751324


Written, directed and translated: Juha Hippi and Mikko Räty
On stage: Juha Hippi
Music composed: Juha Kujanpää
Sound design: Mikko Turunen
Produced by Teatro Labora

C-Venues. C cubed (main space) venue 16 Riddle's Court,
Lawnmarket, EH1 2PG

Premier 31.7.
Performances 1-25 August (excluding Tue 12th)
19.55 (1hr)

Consession £6.50-8.50
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